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PHO noodles-ordering the right one? [moved from L.A. board]

Hypnotic23 | May 16, 200802:36 PM

I love various PHO soups just I'm having a hard time ordering the noodle I like.

I used to just say the thin rice noodle but thats not right, when I say that the noodle is way to thin.

Can someone tell me how to order in english the noodle similar to the noodle in the thai dish Pad Thai?

I know if you say the flat noodle or fat noodle you'll end up with whats used in Chow Fun or Pad See Ew.

The only other noodle I know of is a glass noodle then you can get into egg noodles.

Again, help help on ordering the thin rice noodle similar to Pad Thai for my Pho soup.

Big thanks,


P.S.-Here's a photo of the noodle I like

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