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Pho estilo Mexico at Pozoleria Dona Maria SD

kare_raisu | Mar 15, 2008 02:16 PM

I sat down in facing a dry erase board that said: "Hay Sesos."
When the chicharrones hit the hot broth they went snap, crackle, pop. I am not lying.

These are good signs.

To say Dona Maria's Pozole hits the spot is an understatement.You are brought a heartwarming broth that reminded me slightly of Vietnamese Pho.

>The broth is a simple, rich Pork broth instead of a beef based Pho.
>Instead of rice noodles you recieve pleasantly starchy huge-blossomed posole corn.
>Their are an assortment of different cuts of the same beast: lengua, oreja, paladar, maciza.
> No Siracha - in its place both a flavorful thin sweet 'dulce' salsa and 'picante.
> Your fresh ingredients are paper thin sharp-tasting radish rounds which work wonders to cut the richeness of the mixed meats and fine shredded cabbage in abundance. In addition, tart key limes that remind you of the tropical Guerrero origins of the dish and chopped cebolla.
> Tableside there is powdered Oregano, powdered chile and Bufalo.
> To top it off - fresh crisp glistening roasty tostadas.

Service is entirely in Spanish but exteremely friendly and helpful. If you need a translator - let me know - I truly need not the begged to run back to this place.

I ordered a surtido - mixed meats which I think is the way to go - but they offer a straight meat version as well.

I implore you guys to order a side of chicharrones - their addition is amazing! They are made in house at their original restaurant across the border in Tijuana. They are moon-landscaped porky deliciousness.

Order a cafe or a Plum atole and....bliss. :^)

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