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Philly Chowhounders that know PGH

yummykimmy | Dec 2, 201406:32 PM     2

I posted this on the Pennsylvania site but that gets such low traffic that I thought I would also post here.

Title is Cranberry Twp PA - its north of PGH proper from what I can tell....

We will be there 12/13-12/14 for a gymnastics meet for our 9 year old son - have been looking for something good to eat that is not of the typical chain variety. I searched on this board and didn't find anything. Next reluctant search was google maps....after eliminating a few, we 'think' Domenico's Ristorante as our place?!? Help ChowHounds....is there something better??

also just added tamari to our list??!? advice please

Reviews/Recommendations/Comments PLEASE!

sorry if this is duplicate - I felt like I posted this and maybe the moderators might have blocked it ?!?!s

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