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Why Phase Out "Chowhound" Brand?


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Why Phase Out "Chowhound" Brand?

Jim Leff | Dec 10, 2012 02:34 PM

Great work with the upgrade, guys! I'm particularly looking forward to checking out the mobile side!

I notice that all Chowhound discussion is now taking place under a giant "CHOW" branding logo, rather than "CHOWHOUND", and that there's no mention of Chowhound aside from a few sub-menus.

According to Alexa (<, 79% of traffic stems from (and I assume much of the remainder stems from the oft-visited chowhound profiles, which live at rather than at Given that, it's surprising to see things tip, branding-wise, even more steeply toward the CHOW end.

I'm staunchly in favor of whatever's necessary, branding-wise, to ensure that this operation continues. CBS needs to turn a profit if the lights are to remain on, and I'm all for that!

But there's nearly no Chowhound branding left at this point. In fact, it wouldn't take much effort at all to purge the tiny bit currently remaining. And I'm curious about the rationale, given the brand's enduring popularity, and the fact that it accounts for the vast, vast majority of traffic.

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