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PF Changs Scottsdale

karin007 | Apr 20, 201209:39 PM

My husband and I went to PF Chang's in Scottsdale last week and the food was terrible. In fact I think I could rate this as the worst Chinese food I have eaten in a very long time. I knew we were in trouble when my tea was served luke warm - ugh. Basic and not excusable.

We had the "famous" lettuce wraps...the wrap was 4 pieces of lettuce with a huge plate of filling....proportional issue to start with. The filling was filler for sure, not traditional pork but ground up chicken, different flavour, different consistency, I felt like this was their loss leader and I was the patsy. The filling relied completely on being sauced in a non de script soy based sauce, no flavour and not enough of anything, nuts, chestnuts, green onion...give me something to hold onto!

The wraps were accompanied by pork dumplings, under-steamed, over fried and doughy. There should have been lots of filling nicely wrapped but instead just a fatty cloak of dough. Also should have been served with a vinegar soy ginger dip to cut all the fat, but instead we were presented with a silly trio of accompaniments, soy, chilli sauce (Karachi likely or chilli sauce from a jar) and chinese mustard. The waiter had been instructed to mix the soy into the chilli sauce - like this is some high end gourmet treat....not so much.

What followed was an orange beef plate that was wrong on all levels of Chinese cooking. Pre made I am sure, deep fried and at the last minute and, like the lettuce wraps, covered in another non de script pre made sauce. Not healthy, waaay too much fat, and worst of all, no taste.

I had been hankering for a good won ton soup ad so that's why we had stopped at the restaurant in the first place. The soup (I swear on a stack of bibles) was "stock" water with half inch cubed chicken floating in it and someone in the kitchen in their wisdom threw fresh spinach leaves on top...and that's how we got it. Now if it was the same water that made the tea, then you know that the spinach leaves did not cook and we had raw spinach leaves in water. The poorest excuse for soup I have most likely ever seen.

Shame on you Philip (P F Chang) - you need to get back to the kitchen.

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