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Pet Peeve about meat "Doneness"


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Pet Peeve about meat "Doneness"

David De Silva | Aug 29, 2002 05:21 PM

One of my pet peeves about restaurants is that it seems like I can never get my meat cooked the way I want it. For example, I love rack of lamb, usually order it when out, but rarely, if ever, get it cooked the way I want it. This even happens at very fine restaurants.

I usually order my lamb "medium", reasoning that since I like it pink that this is half way (or medium) between very rare (raw) and well-done. Well, when I asked for medium I usually get it cooked with no pink whatsoever, what I would consider well-done. Once I ordered it medium-rare and it came nearly raw. I may just start asking for it "pink" though I think they'll look at me like I'm a culinary idiot. Yes, I know that if it's too rare I can always get it cooked further but that's a pain and the other diners feel like they have to wait for it to come back before they should eat.

Anybody else experience this? Any suggestions?

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