Pesedik, easy birthday party for 3 year old


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Pesedik, easy birthday party for 3 year old

jks71 | Mar 24, 2009 10:18 AM

My daughter's 3rd b'day is coming up, and we were planning on just having family over (which is, as it turns out, between 15 & 20 people) for an easy pizza and cupcake party. Until I realized it's in the middle of Passover, and 1/2 my family keep kosher for passover (although they're happy to eat shrimp cocktail, ham hocks, and cheeseburgers...), so pizza and cupcakes aren't really going to cut it. Even the ice cream cake (just ice cream, no cake) we always get for b'days has corn syrup in it and so won't work for most of them (interestingly, the rabbi among them is the only one who's not fussed by corn...)

I've got dessert sorted with some (pricey!) passover cupcakes from Sprinkles, but am somewhat stymied on what to do for the dinner portion of it. I want something easy and cheap, along the lines of pizza, but passover friendly.

Thoughts we've had have included a bbq (although what would we do about buns?); brisket (maybe too complicated and/or expensive, and at least 3 of the guests don't eat red meat); turkey chili (but beans are off limits); turkey meatballs and mashed potatoes (again, perhaps too complicated, and also not so exciting); and matzah pizza (how complicated would this end up being? any thoughts? any good recipes?).

I've also thought about ordering something from a kosher deli (I live in the East Bay of the SF area), but I hear not such great things about Oakland Kosher, and Saul's in Berkeley was less than helpful when I called them (they suggested I come by their "Passover tent" when it opened, 2 days before the party--and said that they didn't really know what they'd have). Of course, catering also might rack up the dollars.

I feel like I'm spending way too much energy on this, but I just can't figure out anything that seems like a good solution. Any thoughts???


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