Kosher 67

Pesach in a hotel - worth it?

kiddush hopper | Apr 22, 2008 04:25 PM

i have one question. is it really worth it?

if you have a family of six, with airfare it can cost about $15-20,000. i just dont understand why someone would spend that much money, to be in a hotel, with a couple hundred strangers, having no privacy.

one of the highlights of our seder is after the meal, chilling out on the couch until 10 minutes before chatzos and eating the afikomen. theres no place to chill in a hotel.

and i dont want to hear anyone say that its the food that makes it worth it. believe me i know how good the food is. but you can hire a private chef, and waiters and busboys for your house for a week and get the same amount of food and it would cost 5-10K.


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