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Peruvian Conspiracy?


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Peruvian Conspiracy?

The Rogue | Apr 20, 2002 12:15 PM

I have been tryin for ages to get a recipe for chicha morada, the Peruvian purple corn and spices drink. It's amazing, my buddy's fiancee is Peruvian and she say's she doesn't know... Except for one time she gave me a confused answer that made no sense. I have asked the servers in Pervuvian restauants and get garbled replies that I don't understand... sometimes someone who spoke perfect English moments before all of a sudden seems to only be able to speak Spanish... I have done searches online to no avail... I found some recipes written in Spanish and used translating programs but get terms like "the rind of one fragmentation hand grenade" and "nails of spice" as ingredients... (I figured out what was meant but still...) I have tried making it several times and it ends up tasting like bitter boiled water with spices. Does anyone know how to break through the chicha morada conspiracy? What are the code words? I have tried the usual such as por favor and gracias... Do I need to flash signs? Any help would be appreciated.

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