Pertti wants to go fully clad

Pertti | Jun 20, 202011:18 PM     274

Hi all,

I think it has come time for me to gather some great premium cladded cookware. I'm cooking on induction and for my future cladded cookware, I highly value responsiveness and beauty.

I will appreciate evennes too, but I already have Fisslers and a few 3,5mm cladded pieces to fulfill my passion for even heating cookware. So I'll be clear, the evennes performance is not The most important factor for me now when I'm looking for clad. Instead I need them to be fast and furious while looking amazing in action. Think Vin Diesel or Scarlet Johansson of cladded cookware. Or Vin in Scarletts clothes.

As a minimum I'll need the following:
1. A few frying pans, a smaller 22-24cm and normal/bigger 28-32cm.
2. A few saucepans or sauciers
3. Saute pan of 24-26cm.
4. Some specialty pan or even stockpot.

I have been following discussion here in this great community and I have a few ideas myself:

1. Falk copper core. Seems to currently be near unavailable to me in Finland, but I contacted Falk and they are working on launching copper core to
falkcoppercookware dot com. It has been delayed by the covid stuff. Their re "We had planned to release these on the websites last month, but that has now been put on hold until the lockdown is over."
2. Hestan Nanobond. Yes, the secret is out. I know, I know, but this is definitely on the table. The 10 piece set (6 vessel). Marks both Vin and Scarlet, maybe a bit more Scarlet. Hestan tells their frypans are 3mm and the rest slightly thinner.
3. Cristel Castel'Pro. A note that Im unlikely to actually buy into Cristel anymore, but I like their look.

I have decided I will not get very heavy and slowish stuff like proline. Thats it folks, I have basically nothing else on the table right now. Please, seeking your seasoned advice in suggesting something else. I have probably missed some great lines.

Feel free to comment whatever you see reasonable to help me. Eg try and talk me out of buying Nanobond, haha :D

Current relevant possessions to perhaps help guide suggestions:

28cm ronneby bruk ultralight pro CI
31CM Laavu Grande CI
28cm Fiskars Norden ECI

Saute type:
26cm Fiskars Norden ss clad 3,5mm.
28cm Fissler Original profi low roaster (yes, Ive decided, I will order this piece).
Staub 28cm braiser with chistera lid

5x Fissler profi
26cm Staub ECI
28cm Staub ECI
3L Iittala Sarpaneva ECI

28cm 3,5mm clad Fiskars Norden Wok.
Small bare CI grillpan, Gense le gourmet

+some various ovenware

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