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Perfuming Foods


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Perfuming Foods

lamb_da_calculus | Dec 8, 2012 08:16 PM

A few days ago I left some apples in the fridge next to some fresh dill. Over the next few days I noticed that the apples gradually developed a vague dill flavor as if they were perfumed by the nearby dill. This wasn't really pleasant or unpleasant.

And then yesterday I washed out a container that had been full of orange and yellow bell-peppers (diced) and filled it with raw almonds. And now the raw almonds have a mild (pleasant) bell-pepper sweetness and flavor (the container itself still has a strong bell pepper scent).

There are two possibilities:

1. It's all in my head.
2. "Perfuming" foods is a viable practice, in which case I'm interested in seeing what other applications exist. I know a few restaurants have used this when presenting dishes (e.g. Alinea and that dish that rests on a pillow of lavender).


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