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The perfect won ton (moved from SF)


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The perfect won ton (moved from SF)

rworange | May 12, 2007 10:37 AM

Jonathan Gold starts a 2004 review about a LA restaurant asking what is the won ton. He writes ...

"Are wonton the fried trapezoids in sickly pink syrup that we may have eaten as children? Are they the floppy things that Sichuan restaurants douse in chile oil, or the doughy sinkers in Cantonese soups? May they properly be stuffed with foie gras, as they are on the menu of at least one fusion restaurant in New York, or with mint and mango, as I’ve seen in Honolulu? Is the standard pork filling mandatory, or is a great wonton more properly constructed, as at the Daimo noodle shop near Berkeley, with a whole shrimp sandwiched between a fresh scallop and a dried one? "

I never considered this before. I think of them as described in the first two sentences. I've kind of dismissed them as a way to bulk up chicken soup. Am I missing won ton wonderfulness ... btw, I plan to try Daimo soon.

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