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The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz

Carb Lover | Jun 28, 2007 09:08 PM

As we all well know, it's ice cream season!! Truth be told, ice cream is not a seasonal event for me but pretty much a year-round pleasure. Two summers ago, as you may recall, I was on an ice cream making frenzy. My most memorable concoctions from that summer:

Strawberry balsamic yogurt gelato (or frozen yogurt):

End of the summer tomato sorbet:

I've been enjoying the recent ice cream threads and am happy to see that some hounds have purchased David Lebovitz's latest sweets book, The Perfect Scoop. I'm a big fan of his Room for Dessert so had no hesitation when I heard he had come out w/ an ice cream book. I really like David's easy writing style and "voice"; he seems to have fun in the kitchen.

So I'm starting this thread in the hopes of getting fellow ice cream obsessives to discuss our experiences as we churn our way through the book. Personally, I don't intend to paraphrase any of his recipes since I hope if people are curious enough they will check it out from their library or buy it.

I got very excited when I perused it at home for the first time, bookmarking recipes that were particularly lusty. Vietnamese coffee.Toasted almond and candied cherry. Green tea w/ kinako (roasted soybean) powder. Gianduja gelato. Lemon-buttermilk sherbet. Everything sounded pretty amazing, actually. I'm not a "chunky" ice cream person, but some of David's toppings and mix-ins look fantastic!

Having an abundance of buttermilk in my fridge, I started w/ the lemon-buttermilk sherbet. I love lemon and buttermilk and have an affinity for tart and tangy flavors. This recipe worked really well and resulted in a refreshing and tangy treat. The balance of lemon, buttermilk, and sugar was just right. The sherbet consistency was just as I expected, like a slightly creamy sorbet. Husband who is not as fond of sour flavors thought it was nice, but I was the faithful one who polished it off. Sorry, no photos.

My second flavor was the gianduja (milk choc-hazelnut) gelato, one of my favorite gelato flavors. Containing five egg yolks and mostly cream, this was quite rich, like a dense mousse. The custard base was very thick after chilling overnight. After churning for about 20 minutes, it got pretty thick and stiff.

Photo post-churning:

It was decadent and sweet, but almost too rich for me right away. Interestingly, I thought it tasted best after a day or two in the freezer. I really liked its chewy mouthfeel and hazelnut infusion, but next time I'm going to use more milk and play w/ the recipe so that it's a little lighter. Husband gave it a big thumbs up.

Photo of scoops right after churning when it was still a little soft:

So...what else have hounds tried from the book?? Let's get churning...

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