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Found the perfect pot for the no-knead bread!


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Found the perfect pot for the no-knead bread!

TorontoJo | Nov 18, 2006 07:07 PM

After my first attempt at the Bittman-Lahey bread turned out flat (but delish), I decided I needed a better pot. I had used an 8.5 quart heavy-duty stainless steel dutch oven and wanted something smaller (and better at retaining heat). I saw that several folks had used a 4.5 quart Le Creuset, so I was on the hunt for something similar... but cheaper. :)

I had seen in the Ikea catalog that they now carry a line of cast iron pots with enamel on the outside. So with my next batch of dough in its second rise, off I went to Ikea (on a Saturday morning!) and I picked up the round, 3-quart dutch oven.

I was worried that my dough was a bit wider than the pot. When I turned the dough into the hot pot, it was lopsided in the pot. Gave it a quick shake as per recipe and popped it back into the oven. 30 minutes later, I took the lid off and there was a tall, glorious golden brown boule. Another 10 minutes and out it came.

The final boule was 4 inches high, 6 inches on the base, 8 inches across at its widest point and perfectly shaped. So to those who have been wondering, yes a smaller pot makes for a taller boule.

The Ikea pot is now my official bread machine. It sells for $69 Canadian. I imagine it is probably around $55 in the U.S.

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