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The perfect gift for a budding Foodie


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The perfect gift for a budding Foodie

Crockett67 | Mar 25, 2010 07:17 PM

I'm really struggling. My boyfriend lives in a different state and doesn't really cook. However he likes to try new things and loves all foods. He says I can never go wrong with food since he'll enjoy it and it won't clutter up his place. I'm trying to think of an appropriate Birthday gift for him.

Now if it's food that requires cooking, I can make it for him, but I have to be able to procure it by April 2nd when I go down to see him. He appreciates all spirits but loves bourbon. I don't want to get him liquor since he has a very full bar and the last bottle of cognac I gave him for Christmas is still not open. I don't want to send him any premade gift basket with any sort of pretzels, popcorn mixes, processed cheese, or dipping sauce. (About 99% of any gift basket I see on-line.)

Any suggestions?
I thought about Caviar but I have given him that before. A case of Main crabs? Eh.

Your thoughts?

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