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Non Peppery Red Wine

Dapuma | Jun 7, 2012 10:22 PM

I am trying to find a red wine that the mrs will love, that is red, she usually just likes whites

What she has liked has been a cabernet franc from Ehlers and she has also liked some of the Cote du Rhones we have had, however most are too peppery for her - so I was looking for something with less of a bite at the end, would a chatenau du pape be the right direction?

Sometimes she will like a Pinot Noir but it is very hard to pin down one that she likes or why

she likes sonoma cutrer chardonnay, prosecco, and dry sparkling wines or champagne, and most reislings

hopefully that is helpful in pinning down what she likes
cocktail wise she likes a hemmingway daq or hendricks gimlets if that helps with flavor profiles she likes but probably not - cocktails i can help her with but wines i still dont have a clue - so help me help her :)


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