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What's with people and tofu?


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What's with people and tofu?

EWSflash | Mar 20, 2011 07:35 PM

I can't think of a food that's as maligned as tofu (well, maybe broccoli, but that's a different rant).

Is it the very idea that bean curd may eclipse meat in our diets someday for whatever reason and the hoi polloi are railing against it?

People who say that tofu has no flavor will gladly gobble down overcooked chicken breasts in almost anything and call it good. I don't understand that.

I'm referring to the US in general, because that's all I have experience with, I think it's a prejudice, plain and simple. I don't live a huge metropolitan area, BUT a lot of people from the midwest moved to Arizona in the 1950s and while the big metro centers in the US moved on gastronomically, a lot of the transplants here haven't. Here's a conversation between my friend Davey and his mom- they live in the Phoenix area-

Mom- "I don't like the hamburgers here. They're not as good. I like the midwestern hamburgers we used to get back home."

Davey- "Mom, you've been living in Phoenix for fifty-six years, and haven't been back to the midwest since you moved here. You need to get over it."

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