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How do people portion size at home?


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How do people portion size at home?

jfood | Oct 24, 2007 06:56 PM

Another thread is interesting in that the subject of portion sizes in restaurants are too little, too big, too... There are those that want large for doggie seconds, those that like smaller, those restos that load it up and those that vertically integrate to give the impression of more tha there.

Jfood wonders how people handle the same situation at home. jfood is very much into portion control in the every day dinner plans. Rare are there leftovers (except for roasts) and at times jfood uses a scale to guide the family in understanding what "correct" portion sizes look like.

Granted jfood is lucky that there are great grocers on the way home from the office so buying is a daily event, so he does not need to plan the week and buy everything on Sundays.

But he is curious if people double-cook so two meals can be made at once? Do people plan for leftovers and then have pot-lucks one night? Just curious how others handle the weekly dinner plans?

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