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What do you do when people want to order from non-chowish places?

Miss Needle | Apr 5, 2008 11:07 PM

I remember at one place where I worked, everybody LOVED Dominos. They always wanted to order the extravaganza (or whatever it's called) on thin crust because everybody was watching their carbs. Now, Dominos is really not my thing. However, not wanting to ruin the whole group dynamic, I just kept my mouth shut and ate my pizza. I never lied and said how wonderful it was. I just chose to keep quiet in order to be polite. Now what really killed me was that there was this very good pizza place (Nick's in Forest Hills for all you NYC people) which was closer than Dominos. However, everybody always wanted Dominos and thought of it as a real treat.

So what do you guys do in situations like these? Do you speak up if you're in the minority? Or do you just deal with it?

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