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Why don't people just use good olive oil?

shezmu | Feb 24, 201209:36 AM

I was wondering, why do people buy a good olive oil as a finishing oil and a lesser olive oil for cooking? Take for instance, that one regularly buys a liter of good olive oil and a liter of "cooking" olive oil. I admittedly haven't done the numbers, but I'd say it's reasonable to assume that one can buy two liters of good olive oil, not including the insanely expensive stuff, for around the same price as a liter of good and a liter of regular olive oil. That said, why not mix about a quarter liter of a 2 liter bottle of good olive with three quarter liters of neutral oil and use that for cooking and have a lot more good olive oil? If the argument is that cooking kills too much of the olive oil favor, then I guess the question then becomes why cook with olive oil at all as suppose to just finishing an item with the stuff. Either way, I'm interested in your thoughts.

For the sake of discussion, lets assume that everyone has the funds to regularly buy both a liter or more of olive oil for cooking and a liter or more of better quality of olive oil for non-heat related uses. I'm interested in reasons relating to taste and taste per dollar here.

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