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"We're having people over for enchiladas tomorrow night...


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"We're having people over for enchiladas tomorrow night...

hrhboo | Dec 5, 2006 05:43 AM

would you like to come?" my friend asked me. "Sure!" I replied, "Would you like me to bring anything?"

"I think we've got it covered, just yourself!"

Awesome. I picked up a pack of Coronas and off I went.

I got to their house on the dot of 8, my hosts were lovely, the conversation was fantastic and everything was great. And there they were - the enchiladas. And nothing else. They were absolutely delicious, albeit somewhat lonely. I savoured every mouthful. I was suddenly envious.

Envious because when I have people over for enchiladas, it always has to be a massive production. I plan and shop for days, fretting and stressing and generally making a fuss. I cook all day: the enchiladas of course, and refried beans, a salad, and Spanish rice. And homemade salsa and guacamole. And maybe some grilled corn on the cob with chipotle butter.

And then I worry about the lone vegetarian in the gang. What if the rice, beans, salsa, guac and corn aren't enough? So maybe I'll prepare some sort of veggie fajita dish. At which point I'll start to worry that the rest of the gang might want some too so I'll just go ahead and make enough for everybody. Maybe throw together some quesadillas while I'm at it.

We must have margaritas, of course. And flan. And since I now have the makings of a fiesta on my hands I'll probably have to seek out some appropriate tunes to set the mood.

And I love every second of it and we all stuff ourselves silly and everyone has a fabulous time.

But once, just once, I would love to have people over for enchiladas and serve just that. Simple, stress-free and every bit as delicious.

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