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The Best People to Go Out to Eat With


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The Best People to Go Out to Eat With

e.d. | Feb 25, 2002 08:07 AM

As a single person, I do not go out to eat with the same person all the time. It has occurred to me that some folks are just better to go out to eat with than others. My three favorite types of people to go out eating with are listed below:
1. The food lover--an attractive person of the appropriate gender who is so moved and aroused by your culinary wisdom and menu choices that this person rewards you after dinner with sexual favors. I have, unfortunately, only known one person like this. All the way through a wonderful dinner she would make orgasmic noises--"oh, oh, oh, oh, oohhh, yes, yes, yes, YES, this is really tasty."
2.The chowhound--I don't mean necessarily a passport carrying regular at; after all, not everyone who loves food loves to read and/or write about it. But we all have friends who seek out the weird and delicious, and then let us know where to find it. It is these folks that often will take you to a new place rather than the other way around. For example, just this weekend, a couple I know hauled me off to a burrito wagon converted into a tent restaurant for some rich and picquant birria. And I had thought I knew every Mexican restaurant in town.
3. The omnivore--the sort of person who can eat foie gras or exotic sushi, but is content to live on lunch meat sandwiches or burgers, the sort of person who will like whatever weird and exotic place you go to, will like every dish, even if the kitchen is a little off that night, and will be just amazed at all the different food they've eaten. An old friend of mine, now living in Vegas, is of this type. When I went up to see him we hit Lotus of Siam twice for dinner and he was blown away and happy, even though it was probably the first Thai food he'd eaten since we'd gone together to a Thai restaurant in Monterey 8 years ago.

So do you folks agree? Is there some type of great dining companion that I've missed here?

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