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Penzy's is a chain, and Entenmann's isn't?


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Penzy's is a chain, and Entenmann's isn't?

rworange | Nov 8, 2010 06:24 AM

Two old topics resurface.

The Penzy's topic was posted in 2008 to let people know a store opened in the SF Bay Area.

I know there are no hard and fast rules on this, but usually that is allowed. So it has happily resided on the SF board for almost two years

So a few days ago somone posts to the thread about a recent visit AND compares it to two other LOCAL spice purveyors, neither of which have a presence outside of the Bay Area. The thread gets moved to the Chains board.

In the meantime, a 2007 topic on Entenmann's remains on the General Topics board. If there was ever a chain bakery it is Entenmann's.

While I think the chains board has its place, I'm sorry to see a quality spice purveyor like Penzy's get condemned to that board which is mainly about junk food.

I learned about Penzy's before there was a Chains board and there were posts about it on General Topics. If I was new to Chowhound, today, I probably would miss out on learning about Penzy;s because I'd assume it was just another low class chain.

I know where things go are not easy to determine. Though Pnezy's has been busy opening stores recently, it is still primarily a mail order business. It is not in every state and in mosts states there is only one lone store. Does that make all mail order businesses chains?

Yet, Entenmann's is on the shelves of every major market nationwide ... and that topic was moved from Nat About Food to General Topics, tho IIRC< that move was done a while back.

I just want to know for future reference so I post stuff to the correct board. I would have posted about Penzy;s opening in SF on the SF board. If I was talking about Penzy's online, I would have posted on General Topics. If I was posting about Entenmann's today, I would have posted on chains.

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