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Peeling Shrimp - the strangest thing happened

thimes | Dec 9, 201106:27 AM

Okay before I get to the interesting part - let me just say I've been peeling shrimp for a VERY long time. I also have been eating lobster for a very long time and know where all the "hidden" bits of meat are in a lobster. So I while I "knew" this meat existed in a shrimp this has never happened before.

I bought a pound and a half of raw, wild caught, white shrimp from Mexico (15-20 count I think it was) from a fish monger that while not my favorite in town is certainly relatively reputable. I took them home to peel them and the strangest thing happened with virtually ALL of them.

When I peeled the shell off - ALL the meat came out of the "tail tips" as well. For you anatomists, all the meat from the telson AND the urpods. For the rest of us - I mean all the meat that hides in the very tippy tip tail flaps at the end of the tail.

It was the strangest thing and this has never happened to me before. I have on occasion while sitting around eating lobster gone in and gotten that meat before but NEVER from a little old shrimp and NEVER have I had it come out while peeling.

I have included a picture. See the "black" looking flaps on the end of the tail - those came out of all the shrimp while peeling them.

Who knows when? why? this could have happened. The shrimp tasted great, no strange smell, all seemed normal but . . . . strange.

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