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Peanut butter as an appetizer/munchy..whatever!

FriedClamFanatic | Jun 20, 201203:10 PM

Don't know what made me go down this path,but most likely late night munchies fueled by something distilled. When I lived in the UK years back, one neighbor actually served Peanutbutter on crackers as an hors d-ouvere. Wasn't bad..but the cracker was mpmh. So.the other day...got out some of my Canadian Wheat crackers.the Red Oval Stoned wheat thins and spread a little PB on them.........nice!

Then I decided, maybe a little regular butter and PB on them would be even better.......it was.as my sodium count climbed.

Then for the piece d'resistance. I had gotten some Belgian Waffle cookies made by Jules De Stroop..you can find these in some supermarkets and places like Whole Foods. Took one of those, lathered on some PB and then topped it with a "smidge" (2 points if you grew up knowing and using that word!) of some fancy "finishing salt" that my D-I-L had given me....The combo of sweet and salty was heaven.

In further quests on subsequent days and nights, I have also tried Cashew butter and Almond butter (the latter from Whole Foods......expensive.and maybe worth it)...on both the sweet and the salty crackers....with and wihtout the extra salt. Definitely worh trying!

And it can look rather classy to serve Almond butter on Crackers with a sprinkling of pink finishing salt or white sea flakes to your friends.

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