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Peace Corps Guinea’s cookbook, Where There Is No Restaurant

rworange | Feb 18, 2008 03:46 PM

Searching for something else, I came across this 2004 edition of this cookbook (pdf format)

It has ordinary and out-of-the-oridinary recipes you might not find elsewhere ... Maggi cubes are used a lot.

There are favorites of volunteers like

Though this does rely, I'm guessing on local ingrediants ... 1 TBSP melted and clarified butter (Belgian virgin heifer's milk, double-churned)

Recipes from volunteers span the globe ... French, American, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Brazilian traditional recipes

There are even cookware and cooking techniques at the end

- Use empty tomato puree cans (8 oz) for quick measuring.

- Keep a can of ashes or sand handy for scouring pans, like a homemade Brillo pad.

- A long round bottle may be used as a rolling pin. The plastic cover of your Volunteer Handbook makes a great flat, non-sticky rolling surface. And jar lids make great cutters for biscuits, cookies,etc.

- Coconut shells can be used for salad bowls and ashtrays, if you can open them up without
breaking them.

- It may be best to first watch someone kill, pluck and gut a chicken before taking this on yourself.However, it can be done and here is how you do it: (long directions at end of book)

- To keep tomatoes and other vegetables for weeks, bury them in moist sand or place them in a waterproof container then into a porous ceramic water jug filled with water. This will keep the foods cool indefinitely just make sure to add water as it evaporates.

Then there are the local and unusual recipes which give a good idea of local ingrediants ... lots of eggplant, bananas, peanuts, sweet potatoes, tropical fruit ... actually gave me ideas on how to use some ingrediants in different ways

- BIZARRE BANANA SALAD (bananas, onions, tomatoes, mayo, optional: peanuts, diced mango)
- taro soup
- breadfruit soup, breadfruit salad, breadfruit pudding
- Beer Cheese Spaghetti (1 wheel, Vache Qui Rit)
- Footi Sauce
- Gombo Sauce
- Maffe Hakko (Leaf Sauce)
- yogurt (ingrediants include a blanket or wool sweater)
- Roasted Termites (remove wings ... "better than popcorn but not as good as Cracker Jacks")
- turkey nyembwe
- patrani machi
- Mango and Smoked Fish (bring both to a boil and simmer)
- Malian style fish
- dongo dongo
- eggplant and fish stew
- creamed sardines
- banana curry tuna
- Real Men’s Quiche (4 wedges fake cheese)
- Huevos Africanos (sounds good with tomatoes, Sweet potatoes, ginger)
- bananes au gratin (with Gruyère cheese)
- village-style beans and okra
- green beans au piment
- gateau de manioc
- tubercule french fries
- ngunza
- creamed young taro leaves
- Sweet Potato Cookies
- papaya oatmeal squares
- Africa's cheesecake
- Faux Peach Cobbler Filling (using banana and papaya)
- Unripe Mango Pie (cooking hint: Sardine cans work well for making individual pies)
- green papaya "tastes like pumpkin" pie
- Pineapple Fritters
- Gnamakudji (Ginger juice)

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