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[PDX] Vietnamese (Part 3, 82nd Ave): Pho Hung, Bun Bo Hue, Pho Vietnam, Pho Huy

extramsg | Jul 9, 200502:57 AM     3

Continuing my Portland Vietnamese exploring with the rich feeding grounds of 82nd Avenue -- the new Chinatown of sorts. Decided to include Pho Hung since one of their five locations is there (did you know they have one in Texas as well?). Skipped Pho Oregon and Pho Van since I'd done them in other reports. There are several Vietnamese-Chinese places and a couple Banh Mi places, but I skipped those for possible future reports.

As always, full report with photos is linked below.

Pho Hung: This is probably their nicest location, but the food and menu is the same as the others. I do appreciate the lack of a hovering busboy with the garbage cart, however. Pho Hung is generally good, but their soups have a grease layer that detracts from the flavor of their broths -- actually, it inhibits the ability to taste their broths, I'd say. Since pho is subtler than banh mi bo kho, I usually prefer the latter here.

Bun Bo Hue: This is a real gem, imo. They don't serve pho and only have about 30 items including beverages like avocado, soursop, or jackfruit shakes. Their specialty is bun bo hue, a spicy soup with vermicelli noodles and mixed meats. It's the best I've had in Portland -- easily. It's more sophisticated than others which tend to be one-note. Further, they have a generous herb/veggie platter which includes rau ram and banana blossom. I'm not sure I've seen banana blossom on any other place's platter in Portland. (Herb plattered pictured.)

Pho Vietnam: This is a dive in a dive part of town -- Foster and 82nd. Which is fine -- Pho Oregon is a total dive but makes some great soups. But the food is only slightly better than the restaurant. The pho broth was mediocre and the meats were tough and flavorless. Skimpy pile of herbs, too. Shrimp in the salad rolls were occasionally freezer burned. There are a couple interesting items on the menu, but I don't trust that they could do them well.

Pho Huy: I think this is a relatively new place in Clackamas, just north of Sunnyside. It's in a strip mall, but the interior is pleasant and comfortable. There are booths lining both sides, art on the walls, sconce lighting, etc. The owner can be a little pushy on dishes, but is nice enough and eager to please. They have a very large menu, over 130 items including specials, such as hot pots, that are taped to the wall. Quality of what I've tried isn't outstanding, but it's adequate enough for someone in the neighborhood not to bother with travelling further when they have an itch for Vietnamese. Portions are generous, too, and prices fair. They also have free delivery.

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