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new to PDX--can you help me stock up?

drdawn | Sep 17, 200504:07 AM     19

Making a transatlantic move next Saturday, which amongst things requires me to buy virtually everything in the house. I'll be staying near PGE Park, and will have a car. I'd like to make as few trips as possible, but I have a feeling that american supermarkets won't have some things, like:

--fairtrade foods (ideally coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, bananas, etc. but I'll take whatever I can get)
--biodegradable washing powder/washing up liquid/household cleaner/shampoo (in the UK the brand is Ecover)

Does anyone know where I can buy these?

Also, I'll need to buy all my spices. I was thinking about heading to an asian grocer for the spices but If anyone has any particular suggestions I'm all ears.

Sadly, I'll have to buy most kitchen gadgets :). I'd like to get decent quality, but I don't want to be ripped off. Am bringing 1 Le Creuset pot and my iron skillet, both of which have sentimental value. Any recs would be appreciated.

And finally, I've never been to a Trader Joe's but I am fascinated by the prospect. Is this a good stocking up place? I don't go in for prepared stuff, but I'll want pastas, tinned tomatoes, maybe some soups etc.. How are their spices?

Actually, if anyone wouldn't mind emailing me off-chowhound about where a good place would be to get tonnes of household practical things all at once (hover, ironing stuff, bins, etc.) I would be most grateful. I was thinking about one of those warehouse places ('like on the Simpsons?' my boyfriend asked. 'They actually have those in America?')

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