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[PDX] Portland Farmer's Market Update...

Nick | Sep 12, 200401:40 AM

I took some new pics today at the market. They're at the attached link. Thought I'd pass along a few tidbits, too.

Fall produce is coming in. Corn and tomatoes, of course. Many varieties of tomatoes. Even some apples and pears that were decent. Garlic, gourds, pumpkins, and, best of all, imo, chanterelles. $8/lb was typical.

Elizabeth was out of chocolates, dammit, and is off to be married. Won't be back til October.

LOW's Q was excellent today. I went before the Bones and Brew thing (post and pics to come). Tip: apparently the brisket builds a nice crust on it as it sits waiting to be eaten. So the later you can get their brisket, the better, if you like burnt ends and bark. The pork ribs (they were out of lamb) was very nice. Would have been the second best ribs on my recent BBQ trip to Memphis, KC, etc. Nothing was even close at the Bones and Brew thing and I tried everyone's that I hadn't tried before (7 or 8 places, I think).

Misty Mountain has huge bags of dried mushrooms (along with their fresh mushrooms, which are probably a little overpriced by comparison). The one that really tempted me -- luckily I'm broke -- was the 1 lb bag of porcinis for $50. Looked and smelled great. That's a fair price, too. There was a half pound of nice morels, too, for $50. They also had porcini powder, which at $7 for a 1.5 ounces, is a little overpriced, probably. But I love the stuff. Nothing better for adding a nice punch of mushroom to stews and soups and sauces.

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