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[PDX] Pix Ice Cream Social Report

Nick | Aug 14, 200408:12 AM     3

I'm way behind on my blog, but finally put up my report on the Division/Clinton street fair.

The coolest (literally and figuratively) thing there was the Pix Ice Cream Social. Wow! Definitely check out my pics. There's a link to the photo albums in the link below.

Here's what I wrote in my blog, though, about the ice cream social:

Pix celebrated their first annual ice cream social as part of the fair. What a prescient choice. It was in the 90s and all the little shops were selling out of water. Pix was jammed when I showed up. Cheryl and the others behind the counter wore malt shop hats and aprons.

The top two shelves of the dessert case was filled with intriguingly named items just for the social: Baked Alaska, The Foghorn, Da Ice Cream Bombe!, Bozo the Clown. The Foghorn was massive -- 22 scoops of ice cream stuffed into half a watermelon for $35. Bozo was a scoop of ice cream on a plate with a sugar cone sticking up like a hat. Berries formed his eyes and nose. There was a root beer float, but also a beer float with Young's double chocolate stout and mocha ice cream.

There were also choices of several flavors of house-made ice creams. I chose four: lavendar with candied mandarin, port fig and goat cheese, basil, and habenero. All four were very good. My favorite was the habenero, which was a chocolate ice cream with candied chiles. The chiles were both sweet and spicy and matched the chocolate perfectly. My other favorite was the lavendar. Lavendar is such a nice and interesting floral flavor. The candied orange added a nice, matching sweetness. The quality of all the ice creams was excellent. The port fig and goat cheese was the weakest of the four, the goat cheese in chunks unfortunately. It would have been better as a uniform flavor punctuated by the port figs.

The ice cream social was a testament to how great Pix is. If this was a regular ice cream shop, they might very well be the best one in town. Maybe Cheryl needs to open a second store.

Also, finally ate at the taco truck at 33rd and Division. Pretty decent. Not A level Mexican, but B+. And they make their tortillas by hand which is a big bonus. The sopes are really big, too.

Link: http://www.extramsg.com/modules.php?n...

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