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Patron Citronage

monopod | May 18, 201211:06 AM

Based on recommendations here and elsewhere that Patron Citronage is a solid, less-expensive alternative to Cointreau, I picked up a bottle yesterday. Upon opening I gave it a sniff, and... TEQUILA! It smells like orange tequila. Which, I suppose, I should have expected coming from Patron.

But seriously, how can something with strong tequila aroma and flavor be considered a substitute for Cointreau (which is pretty far from tequila)? I personally hate tequila, and so I don't see Citronage working for me in place of Cointreau. It seems like it would drastically change the flavor of any cocktail that you substituted it in place of Cointreau. Are people really using it as a substitute in anything other than a margarita?

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