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Pathetic state of burgers in Winston and Greensboro

Roger | Feb 13, 2012 02:04 PM

The local restaurants seem to think that serving a frozen, dense packed, dry burger is what we should eat. They cook it to well done, and do not even attempt to brown the outside of the meat to develop the flavor. They may advertise Angus beef, but I believe this means nothing. It is the cuts of beef that are in the patty that matter most. The result is a burger that is not worth eating.
I believe a good burger should be made with freshly ground chuck or brisket, or sirloin, or a mixture of the cuts. The fat content should be about 20%. It should then be loosely formed (never packed), and formed to about 1 inch. Cooked on a very hot grill or flat top (500 degrees) it should be cooked on each side to develop the maximum Maillard reaction (Browning) and finished to no more than medium.
What is so hard about this?
The so called French fries are mostly a frozen product that is served when dry, tough, cold, and limp.

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