Pastry Surface for High Butter Content Doughs?


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Pastry Surface for High Butter Content Doughs?

went | Jan 11, 2007 08:11 PM


i was contemplating getting a marble board for working with my pastry dough, pasta and breads. however, as i was further investigating marble as an option, i noticed that a person mentioned that for 'high butter content doughs' (i.e. biscuit dough etc) the marble did NOT work well. i do alot of this type of dough.

currently, i roll out on a large silpat type mat for my doughs. but it's still a bear to clean with all the oil. i also have granite counters. would that be an option? to just roll out my butter doughs, breads etc on the counter? although, a major concern is hygeine. w/ the granite, i can only use a specific cleaner with a 0 ph. so i'm not sure if it's really getting CLEAN. especially, after a high oil content dough.

prior to investing in a heavy 'ol chunk of marble, i wanted to get your opinons regarding this.

thank you very much.

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