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Pastry Chef V.S Chef , Salary , Hours , Just Everything!!

StickyBuns | Jun 15, 2008 08:57 AM

Im considering attending the FCI soon , and im undecided on weather to take the Pastry course or the Classic Culinary Arts. What kind of Jobs Can i Expect to get offered after graduating , can someone tell me how it is "in the Day OF a Pastry Chef" I heard that they are much more content and work less hours than Other Chefs. Im In NYC so what would be the starting pay?? what would be the starting position ? if i take the Classic Culinary course will i start off as a line cook in a top restaurant or a bit higher? how many hours are in a Pastry Chefs work day?

Also is the FCI looked down on or held up on a pedestal , being that they dont offer degrees , im assuming certificates right ??

sorry for all the questions , i just need to make an informed decision.

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