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Passover Seder Help Needed!


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Passover Seder Help Needed!

Niki Rothman | Mar 20, 2006 07:43 PM

My husband and I will be attending a pot-luck seder at our synagogue and I'll be required to produce a dish that will feed 20 people. These are the criteria:

No grains or starch containing products other than potato or other starchy vegetables. Of course matzoh and matzoh meal may be used.

This is a meat meal - so no dairy products allowed.
BUT Chowhound team please note, it's not a kosher meal, so I'm not asking for kosher instructions or products, although Jewish style dishes, either Sephardic or Ashkenazic, would be very appropriate,
although not necessary. I love the foods of all ethnicities. But I guess, all in all, Eastern European dishes do sort of spell Jewish to a lot of folks' food tastes...

The categories from which I can choose are: hot or cold vegetarian entree, hot or cold vegetarian side dish, hot or cold fish dish.

I'll probably be shopping at Trader Joe's. So if you're a TJ's fan and they have some products that you think would work well in the dish you're recommending - that would be very cool and convenient too.

So Chowhound chefs, please help me make a big hit at our pot-luck seder on April 12th.!


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