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caryn | Apr 4, 200511:48 PM


I'm working on my Passover recipe page, and am trying to be sure I'm not including any item that can't be found in marked kosher for Passover packaging, other than quinoa which I'm including anyway. I asked at ask.moses.com and the person wasn't sure, and I asked an Orthodox friend of mine and he wasn't sure either...

Is there commercially available kosher for passover tahini paste available? One of the vegan dishes I want to put up as a seder option just wouldn't be the same without it, so I really want to know so I can label the recipe properly. I think Tahini paste is OK by sephardic rules, but if something's OK by sephardic and not ashkenazic, does that affect the markings and availability of commercial brands of specified kosher for passover products?

And the other stumper of yesterday...are souffles legal Psssover dessert material? They only consist of butter eggs and sugar, but the whole point of a souffle is to rise...my vote is if you can have passover cereal than just about anything goes. I'm all about gourmet passover food that makes you not feel deprived for a week, and a really good chocolate dessert beats out macaroons any day! But I do wonder if there's anything official said about that, so if anyone knows, I'm curious...I'm not that strict, but I don't want my website to be confusing to people who don't know about Passover (ie know the rules before you break them)so if I'm doing something that's in a gray area, I like keep people informed of that.



Link: http://www.caryn.com/holiday/passover...

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