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Passover @ Prime Grill

uncle moishy | Apr 28, 2005 05:38 PM

Went there last night for Aunt Shoshana's BDay. Had reservations for 730, but when we got there they said that it was for 745. No matter. The place was a zoo (it's always a zoo, and they always make you wait for your table, but this was above and beyond) and we weren't going to be seated soon either way. Finally was seated at (are you ready for this) 845. Our waiter then claimed that it was the busiest day in the restaurant's history (900 reservations). I can believe it.

But PG's selling point (IMHO) is that they serve the best kosher food anywhere. The long waits, the cramped seating (not too bad last night, at a round table), and the overwhelming noise (my daughter, at the other side of the round table, had to called me by cellphone at one point), are necessary evils to be tolerated for the sake of the food. And the food was great, I'm pleased to say. Delicious beef carpaccio with frisee (don't know how they get it past the mashgiach) for an app, then a great black angus rib steak, followed by goodenough sorbet. Everyone else equally impressed by their meals too. Very good service too. The staff really didn't wilt under pretty rough conditions.

And of course, the price: about $100 per person, including free-flowing wine. Another downside to be tolerated.

Next year, I'm pleased to say, Aunt Shoshana's bday falls after Passover, so we'll have more choices, including some quiet ones, iy"h.

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