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Passionfruit obsession


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Passionfruit obsession

Katerina | Dec 10, 2002 05:46 PM

I love the flavor of passionfruit and am willing to consume it in just about any incarnation (based on the real fruit, that is). When visiting Kaua'i recently I discovered EXCELLENT passionfruit jelly in the local supermarket, and because it was cheap and I know myself I brought back seven jars, of which four are gone now and the rest is being feuded over by friends whom I introduced to this delicacy. I have never seen passionfruit jam or jelly (or curd for that matter) in any store in New York, but have tasted passionfruit curd here - Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Brooklyn has delicious miniature tartlets filled with it; they used to be topped with a single raspberry, but now they switched to meringue, which is less interesting - anyway, these are delicious, and I'll shell out $1.75 for them anytime (they are about 2" in diameter). Sadly, Melissa doesn't sell the curd by the jar. I have several recipes for passionfruit curd, but it's a fair amount of work and passionfruit is expensive (if you know of a good source, let me know).

I have found a source for British passionfruit curd on the web (haven't ordered yet:, but wanted to share with any similarly obsessed 'hounds my two Kaua'i-based sources:

KUKUI - makes tropical jams and jellies (such as guava-orange-passionfruit), clean, bright flavors, no chemicals, inexpensive, small operation. Their passionfruit jelly is GREAT on toast. CHEAP!!!

AUNTY LILIKOI - a dad-and-daughter operation, I met them personally; they make jams, butters, syrups and condiments (such as mustard: a little too recherché for me), all good stuff, a little more pricey than Kukui but delicious, the "butter" doesn't have the tang of a curd (which I adore) but it still very flavorful. Their web site doesn't work (, but you can still buy the stuff at the link provided below.



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