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Do you want to participate in our restaurants redesign beta testing?

CHOW HQ | Aug 3, 200909:12 AM

As we have mentioned before (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/615355), we are redesigning the restaurants & bars section of CHOW, and we are seeking users to participate in our beta test. This will involve using a separate beta site that we’ve set up, and offering feedback on the visual design, functionality, and bugs. We expect the beta to begin in about two weeks, around Aug 20, and to end three weeks after that (please note: this is a change from our original dates of Aug 6-18). To participate, you do not need to be available the entire time, but we would ask that you devote a few hours of time to reviewing the site and thinking about the features, and we’re open to all testers, newer users and power users alike.

If you are interested in participating please send an email to redesign@chow.com with:
- Your Chowhound username (if you have one)
- Your primary Chowhound board/city
- The e-mail address you would like us to use to communicate with you

We are limiting the size of the beta test group so we will let you know if you have been selected to participate and will follow up with further instructions.

Thanks! The CHOW Team

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