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Pars Persian Restaurant Farmington Hills Update

Foog | Dec 16, 201406:21 AM     2

Never made it with the CH guys on here, but I did make it out last Saturday for lunch with my wife.

Service was great. They weren't horribly busy, but our waitress had quite a few tables and was great for us.

We were given bread and the typical dish of herbs, cheese, radish and green onion (in my experience it would be a peeled quartered white onion (I prefer it)) without asking for it. The waitress actually asked if we needed more bread which we accepted as well.

Prices typical for Persian food wherever I have had it.

Food ordered

Tahdig - Crunchy rice appetizer ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahdig) sometimes on the menu sometimes not. In this case you can ask if they have any at Pars, but you will not find it on the menu.
It was slightly less crunchy then I like but otherwise it was great

Ghormeh Sabzi - A spinach and herb stew with beef in this case (traditionally lamb) and some kidney beans but less beans than you would think. This is my personal favorite Persian stew. We ordered a small side for me to put on my Tahdig.
Slightly blander than I am used to but good enough for the Persian choices in our area.

Koresht Gheimeh - Yellow split pea and tomato stew with beef in this case (I have seen it vegetarian or with lamb as well). Dried limes are also used in this stew giving it a tart citrus note that I love.
My wife ordered the Gheimeh, but of course I ate some. I was detecting cinnamon which I am not accustomed to tasting in this dish and it was lacking the notes from the dried limes in my opinion. She was happy with it, but definitely not as good as we are used to.

Kabab e Barg - Barbecued beef filet (traditionally lamb filet). It sounds plain in its description but it is and has been my go to dish at Persian restaurants for close to 20 years.
This was my order and it was serviceable, but lacked the trade mark tenderness that made me fall in love with the dish and was slightly overcooked. It works while I have 2 choices in all of Michigan for Persian food, but among competition I don't think it would stand up.

Chelow - The typical plain (poor word to describe this) Persian rice served with stews and kababs. It is basmati rice cooked in a different way than Indian cuisine. It uses oil\butter\ghee and is topped with rice that has steeped saffron water added that turns it yellow. Good chelow is good enough to eat by itself without a main and can stand up flavor wise.
Both of our dishes were (should be) served with chelow. Although it was good since not having it for months since vacationing in California. Where I was able to visit Darya the Persian restaurant that is the standard by which I measure all other Persian restaurants. That said though it just doesn't hold a candle to Darya. I am not sure I can explain it properly, but I'll try. While on vacation we were sure to visit Darya and ordered more food than any two people could possibly eat. Even after being so full it hurt, I still had to finish every last grain of rice with no protein or bread or anything else to accompany it, and it was AWESOME.

That's my 2 cents on Pars

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