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Paris weekend reviews: Au Fils des Saisons, Aux Lyonnais, Robert et Louise


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Paris weekend reviews: Au Fils des Saisons, Aux Lyonnais, Robert et Louise

zagat2 | Jan 29, 2008 06:35 AM

Just returned from a great weekend in Paris - sunny, warm-ish, great weather to walk around the Marais and people-watch....

We ate VERY well at these three restaurants. Au Fils des Saisons was excellent, though not revelatory. Very sturdy food. The restaurant itself is in a very non-descript area, and while it is perfectly pleasant, I was maybe a wee bit disappointed.

However, Saturday @ Aux Lyonnais was extraordinary -- the food was otherworldly. We loved the atmosphere of the place, and the cuisine -- from the appetizers to the desserts (get the floating island AND the pear souffle) were off-the-charts amazing.

Sunday dinner at Robert et Louise was wonderful -- boisterous, happy, crowded, and just fun. People crammed together eating delicious meat off wooden plates. The perfect Sunday meal. The potatoes, the house salad, the house wine --- top to bottom all were simple and great.

Reservations are rather essential at the latter two. I'd go back to them both in a heartbeat. And all three restaurants are very reasonable in terms of price.

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