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Paris - Le Grande Rue (long)


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Paris - Le Grande Rue (long)

smiles | Feb 29, 2004 05:41 PM

Oh where to start on this one…. I had left Pierre after lunch with a revised list: He had added three to mine: L’Entregeu, Le Grande Rue, and Au Petit Marguery. I went to the first but was unable to secure a table. So off to attempt the next on my list – good thing I had a carte orange metro ticket…

This recommendation from Pierre was posted some time ago – before Ms. Wells had made mention of it apparently. Pierre deserves his props!

Le Grande Rue
117 Rue Vaugirard (Metro Falguiere is one block away)
75015 Paris
01 47 34 96 12

Here we go. Ready? Because this place was, IMHO, better than Guy Savoy at a fraction of the cost. Read on my fellow hounds, read on.

It is Thursday evening and I walk into this small crowded restaurant. The woman greeted me with a look like they were full, but I must have swayed her by my disappointed look because she made room for me. I was glad too. I could smell the food around me and I was literally salivating at this point.

They offer a la carte or the seasonal menu choice (entrée, plat & dessert) each with three choices. I asked her which I should choose and she made the selection for me. I just waited to see what would come…

Amuse was a carrot soup (smooth sweet and delish) a nice way to start after climbing in from the cold weather.

Next up was my entrée, it was a tart of eggplant, artichokes and tomatoe. This tart was warm and the vegetables literally melted in my mouth along with the flaky tart crust. It was served on a bed of mixed greens with a light dressing. Yummy. By the way, you should really open the attachment because I attempted to take pictures to document the goodness.

Next up was cannelloni (sp??). It was filled with braised duck and leek. The ratio of leek to duck was maybe 1:10 at most. The duck, oh gosh, it was outstanding. It had been shredded and seasoned like none I had ever had before. I was clearly in heaven and the woman who was serving me was so pleased – I really had to contain myself from moaning. Okay, so get this two of these cannelloni on my plate with a portion of caramelized carrots between; all in a pool of sauce. The pasta was made in house and you could tell by the flavor. It held up well. This course was simply sublime. No other way to put it.

Dessert arrives next: A pear crumble. The pears were warm surrounded by the crumble and on top of the pears was a small scoop of caramel gelato drizzled with sauce. Hee hee hee I am so happy now I could have exploded. In my mind, right about now, I’m thinking Pierre is a god and what a marvelous find Chowhound has been.

Remember now, it’s Thursday and I have a 1:00 lunch reservation at Guy Savoy tomorrow. I leave on Sunday morning… I have to get back here, but when??? I asked for a table on Saturday night. No luck, it’s Valentines and there is no space.  I’m crushed. She says she can fit me in Saturday at lunch. I jump on the opportunity. With a smile I left knowing more goodness was sure to come – and it was.

Saturday, she recognizes me and seats me. It’s V-day, I’m alone in Paris, I am literally the only solo diner probably in the entire city. At least that’s what if felt like. But no worries here. She took good care of me.

I let her order for me and so the next experience began. The amuse was similar to the soup I had on Thursday, but this time there was something blended with the carrots. Sorry I don’t know what that other thing was, and my French, well I don’t speak a lick of it, so we’ll never know….

Entrée arrived, it was something warm wrapped in phyllo. What was in it? I wondered for just a second before crunching through the baked crust. Crunchy outside and stewed beef inside. Reminded me a little of the duck in that it simply melted in my mouth. Well seasoned again. This was served on a bed of mache with some julienned cabbage? (not exactly sure).

Plat: House made spaetzle with veal in a rich buttery sauce. I love spaetzle (no carb watcher here). When I was in Austria a couple of years ago I must have eaten it every other day…. I was back in this heaven now! This was prepared differently of course, but it was scrumptious. The meat – well if I had lost all my teeth this wouldn’t have been a problem to chew. Melts in my mouth; how do they do it? I really need to work on my cooking, I thought I was pretty good, but now…. Now I’m not so sure where my skills fall in the spectrum.

I’m thinking now, it’s going to be dark soon and I cannot find a table for dinner in Paris to save my life for tonight – will they box me up something I can eat back in the hotel??? I have to pack anyway and…. I decided not to ask (but later trust me I regretted it).

Dessert: It is a macaroon cookie with gelato in between (different sort of ice cream sandwich). Garnished with raspberry coulis and crème fraiche and cracked pistachios.

I’m telling you guys, check out the photos – but a photographer I am not. Remember I ate at this place before Guy Savoy and now once after. I’m not saying anything was wrong with my meal at GS, but this place, to me, was better. Make a reservation they have limited number of tables. I saw them turn away no less than 10 walk in parties each day. I got sooooooooooooooo lucky.

Seasonal menu was 25 euros and wine brought me up to 40 and 32 respectively on my two visits.


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