Paradise on earth found in Umbria


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Paradise on earth found in Umbria

RicRios | Nov 22, 2008 01:16 PM

So I walk into this place IL TARTUFO in Spoleto's Piazza Garibaldi.
And I boast of my truffle expertise. Yeah, right!

As most super restaurants in Italy, this is a two people operation.
Husband runs the front of the house, wife the kitchen.
Regular menu, plus the truffle menu: truffle appetizers, primi & secondi.
Separate White Truffle & Black Truffle pages, mind you.
I, pretending I know much, ask: so what local wine is good with truffles, Sagrantino?
He says: no way. For truffles you want something less overpowering.
Like... a Montefalco Rosso, Antonelli di San Marco.
I, pretending I know much, ask: how does Antonelli compare with Caprai?
Answer: on a QPR, no comparison! And then again, you want a Rosso, not a Sagrantino.
OK, bring it!
I must add, this it the time of the year when people in Spoleto press and bottle their olive oil.
IL TARTUFO serves their own olive oil freshly pressed. I mean, pressed today.
I drunk it off the plate, couldn't believe how sublime an olive oil can get. Coupled with the Antonelli? WOW!
Antipasto: Fiore di Zucca w/ricotta & shaved black truffles.
Primo: Tagliatelle w/ Tuber Magnatum. I didn't -obviously- weight, but must 've had at least 10 grams. As fresh, fragrant, ripe & sublime as I've ever had. Nothing in Piemonte or Croatia gets even close.
Secondo: Filet Mignon w/ black truffles.
All three above with the Antonelli Rosso, just Paradise on Earth.
It can get different, but no better.

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