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Is Papaya Supposed to Burn When You Eat It?


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Is Papaya Supposed to Burn When You Eat It?

Pincus | Jan 28, 2009 07:43 PM

Went to a generic "Thai" place here for dinner. Didn't want to get a huge meal because I was headed to the gym after so I settled on soup and salad. Soup was a shrimp coconut, salad was a papaya salad.

Soup was nothing remarkable, but it was a gourmet treat compared to the papaya salad.

Every mouthful burned, not in the "oh my, someone put one too many bird chilies in the dressing" but in the "oh my, someone mistakenly put dry cleaning fluid in the dressing".

Now, I have never had papaya before. I know it can be used to tenderize meat, but I was hoping that wouldn't include my tongue and cheek lining.

Couldn't finish it. Waiter didn't ask me how it was as he took it away, surprise, surprise.

So, papaya lovers, is this normal? Was the fruit past its prime? Or did they just screw up the dressing with who knows what inside?

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