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best pans for specific dishes

helena143 | Nov 7, 201109:04 AM

Hey all, I need your help. No matter what I do, I seem to use the wrong pan for the wrong dish. Can you all tell me what kind of pan I should be using for what dish?

For example, yesterday I tried making bacon in a Le Creuset enameled cast iron skillet. It was a disaster; the bacon stuck to the pan and ended up in pieces when I tried to remove it from the pan.

The other day, I tried making a stir fry in a stainless steel All Clad work; another disaster: the bottom of the wok burned my ingredients, they got stuck (even though I used lots of oil) and the work had to be soaked and sprayed with Easy Off for days for the black stuff to come off.

Last week I tried to sear a flank steak; used a stainless steel saute pan (Cuisinart). It had a spice rub. The spices on the steak burned so bad I am surprised I didn't have to call the fire dept. from all the smoke. The steak did not really sear. It was more like burned spices, and undercooked steak.

I am trying not to rely on nonstick pans, but it seems like every time I try to use something OTHER TAH nonstick (stainless steel or cast iron), the results TOTALLY SUCK.

So what would you use if you are cooking:



veggie burgers

braised chicken/veggies

searing a steak or pork chops or chicken breasts

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