JustinRush | Jun 8, 200111:54 AM    

OK so everybody knows I'm blowin' town (and some of you are probably quite keen on this) so for the past week I've been hitting all my favorites for one last time (sob). But what started as a food panic attack ended up being a whirlwind tour of some fine eateries and has made for a very interesting week of food. Here's my list of "had to go just one more time" places. Maybe someone will find it amusing.

Kuala Lumpur-Dinner last Sunday. I am going to miss the lamb curry with sesame-scallion pancakes, garlic chicken salad, gado gado, Laksas of all varieties, and the "combo plate"-Nasi Lemak. This place brought a tear to my eye.
Monday night was a starnge night. After my wife got off work we stopped in for an early bite at Dumpling Master-Dumplings of course. After about a dozen each we decided we wanted a drink, and since Tiki Ti is closed Mondays we went to Bahooka and got pretty polluted on flaming jet pilot bowls-this led inevitably to a half order of Bahooka ribs. It was late when we got home and, unfortunately, tums was in full effect.
Tuesday was reserved for a night at Red Lion-a stein, a wurst, and some badapfel. This is one hell of a watering hole, I must say, one that I'll really miss. The leberkase is good, rollmops quite good when you want to be left alone, but lets face it-sausage is king here. Not to mention the painfully overcooked but somehow acceptable saurkraut/red cabbage and the bacon fat laden potatoes which are the stuff German dreams are made off. Just don't get the strudel for chrissakes! Talk about bad-apple indeed. . .
Wednesday was all about Musso and Franks. Do I really need to explain? At least I know this place will still be here when I come back through (it damn well better be!). Whats not to love about stiff cocktails and red meat at this Hollywood institution? Sticky booths. Enough said.
Thurs.-SHaaB:This deserves a more detailed account.(see above)
Friday-Tonight-the best night out in LA for drinkin (IMHO)consists of a "ray's mistake" or "space pilot" at the tiki ti, dinner next door at El Chavo, back to tiki ti (danger!danger!) and then over to the Good Luck club if you can still walk.
Sat.-tomorrow-Dim Sum at NBC, Carnitas at Puebla Tacos, and maybe get a membership at a gym. . . .

Peace and Grub from your hungry hungry hippy
btw-there are too many places I want to go and too few nights. Any last hurrah suggestions? i.e. places unique to LA that somehow I missed? tell me!!!!!

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