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Pancakes or Crackcakes?


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Pancakes or Crackcakes?

tokoyoko | Jul 20, 2009 04:00 AM

I recently purchased a pancake mix from an asian supermarket because the photo on the box looked so much...cuter than any I've ever come across. Each pancake really looked like....well, a mini cake. (photo attached below - or go to this link:

Now, I've had pancakes in diners, in homes, and made them myself from scratch. I've tried various mixes available in supermarkets. They generally taste the same to me...a little bland without syrup, and sometime a little too dense or even dry. The thing is, I've always been pretty indifferent to this breakfast food (I eat it mostly for the syrup), but it's so simple to make that it's something I've always had on a regular basis for sudden hunger emergencies.

Last night, I opened the japanese pancake mix and stirred up a batch - I didn't have milk, so i used water instead and the last egg I had in the fridge. I used a swipe of butter to grease the pan, as per usual.

Okay, chowhounds, this is where you come in:

Can you please explain how, HOW in the world this particular pancake mix (brand: Morinaga) produced the most magically delicious batch of pancakes I have EVER encountered in my 22 years of pancake eating?

That photo, which i thought to be photoshopped or something for marketing purposes, is EXACTLY how the pancakes came out. THAT thick, and yet not disgustingly dense like many diner pancakes I've had. The texture was smooth and the flavor was a bit sweeter than most mixes.

Does it have to do with Morinaga itself as a company? Do they make particularly sweet, fluffy, and fabulous mixes than Bisquick or Aunt Jemima or something? Is there ground hello kitty in there for extra awesome?? WHAT IS IT?

I'm almost afraid to use the milk that the mix calls for....if it's any tastier than the batch I made last night, I fear I will lose control and eat pancakes day in and day out for the next month.

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