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Pancake Philosophy: Good just by itself?


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Pancake Philosophy: Good just by itself?

Purdys_99 | Mar 21, 2016 11:05 PM

Something I've been wondering a long time, are pancakes, by nature, suppose to taste good sans butter, syrup, jam, fruit, etc? Kind of like bread? Of course bread is made to be used for sandwiches, french toast or just slavered with butter or honey, but still most chefs and foodies out there will agree that by itself, the bread should taste good on its own. I've also heard that the secret to any good sandwich is using good bread; without it, the whole thing falls apart.

So does the same philosophy apply to pancakes? B/c I often find when I eat pancakes, they're just too plain to stand for long which makes me wonder if I'm just eating bad pancakes or by design, I HAVE TO eat them with something. Are pancakes just a texture thing and a vehicle for syrup and butter? Or is it more substantial than that?

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