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Pan Sauce with Marinara

EscamillaSubia | May 24, 2013 07:35 PM

Hi. I'm kind of a foodie/amateur cook or chef, whatever you want to call it. I love making pan sauces, and what I usually do is make a batch of marinara, and then cook up the pasta just before al dente, then put some marinara in the pan, mix it with pasta water, and then throw the pasta in there, and turn it and let it do it's thing until the sauce has tightened back up. Basic. My question is, am I doing that right? I know the pasta water is going to dilute the marinara a bit, but in letting it reduce back down to where it's thicker again, shouldn't it concentrate the flavors again? I salt the pasta water, but just use 2TBS instead of the 3 per 5qts of water to kind of cut down on the salt content of stuff. Is that what may be keeping it from being flavorful? My marinara is pretty flavorful on it's own. Also, I don't add any butter or anything when doing the pan sauce thing, also to cut down on excess fat and whatnot, but also because we're not big butter users. I will, though, when cooking for others or for special occasions (kind of pull out all the stops and go all the way with things). Is there anything I'm missing? Any suggestions?

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