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Pan Fried Swordfish (Filet) ????? (Or, how should I cook my fish tonight..???)


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Pan Fried Swordfish (Filet) ????? (Or, how should I cook my fish tonight..???)

erica | May 22, 2010 11:25 AM

I was all set to try this recipe (see link below), which calls for broiling swordfish on a pre-heated cast-iron pan. I've had good results but unfortunately, cannot remember the cooking times or any details..


When I mentioned this method to my fishmonger, he advised me NOT to broil swordfish because the timing is difficult to regulate and overcooking might be a result. I am a little squamish about using the broiler for this reason.

His advice was to cook on top of the stove, for about 3 minutes per side (the pieces--from the belly, I think) are about an inch thick. He is Italian, but I do not see references to cooking the fish this way in the Italian cookbooks I checked.

I looked online and found very few mentions of pan-fried swordfish or any type of cooking this fish on top of the stove. Then I began to wonder--why is this? Why do the (few) recipes I did find call for a quick sear followed by baking in the oven?

Please help me create an easy swordfish dinner tonight! Many thanks!

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